Why Use a Butt Plug?

Your anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings that are triggered when using any form of anal sex toy. Introducing these into sexual play can cause heightened arousal and sensitivity to touch.

Women tend to have greater orgasms while using a butt plug. The stimulation from the toy helps her relax her vagina muscles, which in turn intensifies her climax. For men, butt plugs can increase the strength of an erection. The penile muscles are stimulated, making for a much harder and solid erection during intercourse.

How to Choose a Butt Plug?

The most important thing to do when choosing your butt plug is to establish your own level of experience and comfort. If you’re a beginner always look for smaller options, which will slip in more easily. As you develop your interest in anal play, you can start looking at the various types of anal sex toy on offer.

How to Safely Use Butt Plugs?

It is imperative that you clean your toys before and after each use with a recommended sex toy cleaner. For more information on cleaning your toys. Anyone trying anal toys for the first time should use a small, smooth butt plug to ease themselves in. You can then graduate to larger toys as you grow in experience. Go slowly, without forcing the butt plug in, and stop immediately if you feel any pain at all.

How to Use Butt Plugs

Ease of insertion will vary from person to person. First, get yourself into a comfortable position. This may be lying on your side, squatting over the butt plug on your feet or knees, or on all four styles in ‘doggy’ position. Make sure you use ample lubricant on both yourself and the toy to ensure safe insertion and removal. On silicone toys, use water-based lubricant.

Begin by inserting a well lubricated finger into your anus, massaging the area until your muscles relax. Once you feel ready, begin running the tip of your butt plug around your anus and inserting slowly. Make sure you’re angling the toy ever so slightly towards your stomach as this will make for an easier insertion.

Gently push in the rest of the butt plug, allowing your muscles to contract around it. It’s common for this to take a few tries to master, so don’t be disheartened. Once your toy is fully inserted, let the flared end rest comfortably outside your anus.

How Can I Use Butt Plugs As Part Of My Sex Life?

Though anything evolving the rectal area is often associated with homosexual intercourse, specifically that of gay men, if you’re a straight guy, butt plugs can be an exciting addition to the sex you have with a female partner. Butt plugs can be used during heterosexual sex to add additional sensation for either partner, as the anus is an erogenous zone.