Sex toys reviewed by an adult party host

Sex toys reviewed by an adult party host

Sex toys comes in myriad shapes and sizes, but one women fully conversant with the gamut of offerings is Sarah Jane Banahan, founder of sex party collective The Play Experience. Who better to review the latest offerings from high-end manufacturer, Perlesque?

Eris Rabbit Vibrator: the one you take on holiday

Make room in your bedside drawer for the Eris Rabbit Vibrator because this silky silicon sex machine comes with a multitude of magnitude. I can’t even pinpoint my favourite setting because they’re all just as powerful. Eris hits all the buttons and is suited to play with on your own or by rubbing it on your clitoris whilst your partner penetrates you. It works wonders and within different areas of your vagina. Orgasms from this really are the scream-out-loud-noise-shattering kind. I fully recommend for the more experienced, however, first timers, be careful – you will orgasm in seconds! Eris is so very easy to use and it is chargeable via a lead so no batteries. Double double wow for this one. This is the one that you don’t even go away for a weekend without.

Rhea Small Bullet: a gentle start for newbies

I welcomed the Rhea Small Bullet because this type of sex toy (a bullet) is one of my many favourites. But Rhea is a little bit too subtle for my liking. I expected a bit more in the settings department and I struggled to orgasm, however, it certainly serves its purpose if you just want a relaxing play (orgasm or not). Great for the clitoris – I feel “internally” it will just get lost, it lacks power for somebody like me who gets off on speedier settings. I value its purpose but it’s one for first timers. It’s subtle, it’s simple and brings only small pleasures. The perfect size for newbies wanting to a gentle introduction to the world of battery-powered pleasure.

Selene Palm Massager: the one you open a bottle of wine for

Initially I wasn’t sure what to make of the Selene Palm Massager. It took me a few seconds to work out how to switch it on, but I quite like that – its discreetness makes me want it more. This is unique in that it feels luxurious on your skin and on your body, as it’s made with the most exquisite of materials – I recommend applying smooth strokes to the skin, nice and gently (brushing the skins hairs) in circular motions on the inner thighs, (get your partner involved too) pressing down on the back of the neck, working down the spinal cord. The vibrations, the erect hairs that stand tall at the back of your neck, it all combines to deliver all-body sexual euphoria. Silent pleasures to be tried alone, or shared with your partner and you don’t even need to orgasm. This is the light-the-candles and put-on-the-love music kinda sex toy.