I certainly won’t forget it! Thank you to my boyfriend of ten years who bought me my very first butt plug. Something I would have never done for myself. It helped me learn things about my body that I never knew and probably would have never discovered by myself. My boyfriend was part of the whole experience. Having two pairs of hands work my body up to an entire body orgasm is indescribable. Four hours of pleasure and play. Four hours which I could live in forever. This experience has lit a spark deep inside me that I hope never dims. I can’t wait to buy another one!



I felt comfortable from the beginning. Certainly I was interested in the g-spot orgasm but in general, I am on a journey to learn more about my body and how I respond. For me, a sex toy was really a ‘sensation experience’ that was incredibly instructive. Because I was either face down on the bed, or face up but blindfolded, and because I was extremely, deeply relaxed, I went completely into a quiet, internal space where the sensation was allowed free reign. My emotions retreated, and while my husband was always very gentle and responsive to my cues, there was no sense of being beholden to a ‘relationship,’ so it was erotic without being intimate; that is to say, it was entirely about ME. I learned very quickly what I liked, and what I didn’t like (in terms of touching and sensation). I think this can be hard to do in a conventional sexual encounter, as sometimes without realizing it, one might accept certain kinds of touching (or in certain places) because we don’t want to hurt our partner’s feelings, or because we are experiencing it as part and parcel of the relationship, rather than experiencing it on its own terms. With this toy, I got a greater sense of what works for me and what doesn’t–and my husband did, too, which is so helpful in future encounters both with him and with partners. I also had a very nice orgasm that left me numb in the arms and quite woozy for some time afterward! The Reiki-like energy work he did post-orgasm was very calming and re-balancing as well. I was incredibly relaxed for at least two days afterward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or book him for a massage.



Afterwards, I felt beautiful, sensual, radiant and glowing, like the confident woman I should always be. I realised how much I had been holding back in the past years and the massage helped to effectively realise all of the accumulated emotional and physical stress of life and to completely let go and feel an ultimate pleasure of absolute freedom! Every woman deserves to feel this good and the benefits to your life afterward. They will all sense your inner glow and love you for it! And you will continue to walk on air and have a wonderful memory!



Butt plugs was the first time for me and also for my husband to use. He persuaded me to at least try as far as I could tolerate. My husband talked to me and ensured I was comfortable with the upcoming experience. He explained how things would unfold and assured I would be in full control all the time.

Both I and my husband discovered the territory we had never experienced before and we’re grateful for it. We also feel closer than ever to each other after the session.

I would highly recommend these sex toys to any lady/couple who’s open-minded and want to explore the true potential of their sexual beings.