The Best Penis Extender – How to Choose the Right One?

The Best Penis Extender – How to Choose the Right One?

You might have encountered the term “penis extender” before. But, maybe you are still not sure what it is or why would anyone use it.

However, there are hints in the term itself. Penis extenders are plastic or rubber sleeves that go over the penis and add more inches, both in girth and length.

Some of them are closed on top, while others feature an open tip. Furthermore, some extenders feature stimulating nubs, while other types are smooth. Nevertheless, this guide will explain the different types and help you figure out which is the right one for you.

More Length and Girth

So, why do most men try penis extenders? Well, they usually try them because they want to know what it’s like to have a longer, girthier or bigger penis.

Maybe you always wanted to know how your penis would look if it were bigger than usual. Also, perhaps you’ve wondered if your partner would enjoy it more then. If that’s the case, then using a penis extender is a great, non-permanent tool that will allow you to have a bigger cock.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction, then a penis extender sleeve is one of the best choices. Most people who suffer from this condition say that they lose the erection during the sex. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult or entirely impossible to go on, even though both they and their partner want to continue.

If you have this issue, a penis extender sleeve can help. Once your penis is erect, place the sleeve on top of it and start having sex without worrying about your hardness. Since these sleeves are often stiff and firm, even if you lose the erection, it’s still possible to continue the intercourse.

The Best Extender Sleeves

If you are interested in trying out one of these sleeves, you should know more about the features you should consider. Take a look at the main varieties so that you can understand what you should be looking for.


If you want the extender to add inches to the girth, but you still want to keep the sensation, then an open-ended sleeve might be the best choice for you.

Most sleeves have a closed top, which means that the penis head cannot be stimulated. However, an open-ended sleeve will allow you to experience all the pleasure, and your measurements will increase, too.


This type of an extender is the classic extension sleeve that goes over your penis. However, even though most of these sleeves are stiff and easy to use, this particular one is supposed to be floppy so as to give you more realistic sensations.


Smooth penis extenders are great, but if you want to experience a new kind of pleasure, then you should try textured sleeves.

The exterior nubs and ridges will stimulate your partner even more, but make sure to use a lot of lube to enhance the feeling further.


Some extender sleeves come with a testicle loop. The loop goes over the balls and keeps the sleeve on your penis while you’re having sex. But, if you don’t like that, then maybe you should try a harness extender.

It works like a strap-on dildo, but it’s hollow. Also, it comes with straps that go around your body and keep the sleeve in place.

Using a Penis Extender

Don’t worry – using an extender is quite easy. You just have to pour some water-based lube to the inside of the extender and on yourself. Once you get an erection, put your penis into the sleeve. Make sure that the testicle ring goes around the balls. But, if you’ve opted for the hollow strap-on, arrange the straps around your body and make sure that they feel comfortable.

A few types of extender sleeves  have some texture on the outside as well. That can help you stimulate your partner even more. However, remember that this type of a sleeve need extra lube so that sex is comfortable at all times. There are also cock cages that serves as extender at the same time. It doesn’t have features like a typical lockthecock cages have that locks the partner’s genitals and the key holder only can have access. It may sound bizarre but most couples who incorporates cock cages as part of their sex life says it leads to a new level of sense of security and healthier relationship.

Once you’re done with your sleeve, remember to wash it properly and prepare it for the next time.